2014 Report Card for Vermont’s Infrastructure

On October 16th, the Vermont Section of ASCE unveiled the grades for Vermont’s infrastructure based on the condition and future needs of these assets that we use every day. There is an option to buy cheap articles and ask for additional assistance at https://exclusive-paper.com/buy-blog-article-online.php.

The Report Card for Vermont’s Infrastructure is a tool for the public, legislators, and the media to use to understand the condition and needs of Vermont’s infrastructure that serves our families, businesses, and economy. The Vermont Section of the Society of Civil Engineers completed extensive research to determine the condition of infrastructure in 2011 for the first Report Card for Vermont’s Infrastructure and this October released an update, the 2014 Report Card on Vermont’s Infrastructure, with new grades and new facts showing what has changed.

ASCE’s Vermont Section represents nearly 400 engineering professionals in the state. Using a simple A to F school report card format, the 2014 Report Card provided a comprehensive assessment of current infrastructure conditions and needs, assigned grades and made recommendations for how to raise the grades. ASCE members in Vermont who wrote the Report Card assigned the grades according to the following seven criteria: capacity, condition, funding, future need, operation and maintenance, public safety, and resilience.

The goal of this updated 2014 Report Card is to raise public awareness about the needed investment in Vermont’s infrastructure.An additional goal is to give policymakers solid recommendations that the state can use to better regulate and fund infrastructure.

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